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Share Plan Administration Platform

Our goal is to make the complex simple. We provide an all-encompassing and secure system to allow your equity remuneration team to easily tend their share plan responsibilities.

For the in-house administration of your company share plans, we will provide an operational software solution suited to your particular scheme requirements. Sharehub encompasses both past and current participant records, alongside an intuitive user portal, giving you a complete view of your awards and their performance.

Our software solution caters for various requirements, including but not limited to these types of company share plans: share incentive plan (SIPs), company share option plan (CSOP), and growth shares. We can also administrate long-term incentive plans (LTIPs). Additionally, Sharehub allows you to manage the payment of tax on share options.



Participant Finder

Search for participants by name or other personable identification.

Grants & Awards

Smooth set-up of calculations, documentation, summaries and sign-off.


Calculate the vesting amounts when performance conditions are met.

Releases and Exercises

Check the validity of awards and process on either a bulk or individual basis.

Leavers & Lapses

Track awards due to lapse and calculate the relevant lapse basis for leavers.

HMRC Returns

Download forms for upload to HMRC online or have us act as your agent.

IFRS2 Reporting

Run person-by-person amortisation reports and identify the reserve balance.

Management Reports

Produce reports quickly, easily and accurately with filtering as required.

Data Feeds

Feeds from your all-employee plan procider for combined reporting.

Share Ownership

Monitor existing share plan holdings and external share holdings as entered.

Clearance To Trade

Accept or reject participant requests and view reports.

Participants Access

Enable participants to view and manage their information.

Broker Flexibility

Use a broker or your choice, with no restrictions.


A clearly mapped process to nominate salary, bonus and share awards.

Insider Lists

Seamless link with our Insiderhubinsider list module.

Single Sign On

Access through our secure login or by integration with your SSO provider.

Sharehub allows for maximum flexibility, plan transparency, and security. From IFRS2 calculations to ensuring the next grant goes smoothly, Sharehub is the tool of choice.

Your system is tailored at implementation, offering speed and operational excellence combined with a service personalised to you.

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Forward-thinking businesses require truly flexible management software to empower the end-user to manage their own share plan, The Participant Portal allows your share plan members to remotely manage their options and share schemes. The portal is fully branded according to your corporate guidelines, and we work with you to ensure the design is the right fit for you and your company.

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